Saturday, 15 December 2012

Seasonal Update - 17th Dec 2012

In order to keep you up-to-date the team at Westlands are issuing this seasonal update as an forecast of availability for the next few days.  We hope this will be helpful to you and your teams in your planning.

Westlands Pea Shoots


As of Monday 17th December Harvest:

    • We expect to have Supplies of the following Micro Leaf Collection:
      • Red Vein Sorrel.
      • Red Perilla.
      • Coriander.
      • Red Amaranth.
      • Celery.
      • Salad Fennel.
      • Ruby Chard.



      All products in the Westlands Micro Leaf Collection should be available as per normal, however, restrictions may apply.


          Westlands Alaskan Nasturtium Leaf

          Westlands Sea Rosemary

            If you are unsure on availabilities or any Westlands products, please do ask your usual supplier or feel free to Tweet us @WestlandsWow or @Simon_Westlands.  We are keeping our Distribution Partners informed on a continual basis of what is and isn't available.  Thank you, the Team at Westlands.

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