Thursday, 29 November 2012

Menu Planner - Seasonal Update Winter 2012-2013

The team here at Westlands are always looking to keep our loyal customers and especially those chefs planning menus, informed about seasonal changes in our offering and how our crops are performing.

This blog has been created to confirm the products that have now left us for the period, those being introduced and information regarding supply of a few of the more tricky lines, as we come into the Winter period.  Hopefully it will help you to plan any last minute menus and avoid any disappointment!

Availabilities can change depending on both order patterns as well as changes in crop growing conditions.  The following information is our best forecast, and we will continue to update to ensure that we keep you informed.

In Summary:

Westlands Micro Leaf Collection:

  • Lemon Balm, Thyme and Tarragon - are now at the end of season, but will be available again in Spring 2013.
  • Purple Basil - is delisted for Winter, but available again in Spring 2013.
  • New for Winter 2012 is Purple/Red Radish.
  • Amaranth, Coriander, Green and Thai Basil - are generally good,  however these products do experience seasonal variations in growth patterns during the Winter months.  We will keep you updated of any short gaps that maybe seen in supply.


Westlands Inspired Collection:

  • Butterfly Sorrel - is now finished until May 2013.
  • Buckler Sorrel - is finished, but will reappear in Spring 2013.
  • Sorrel Flowers - are now out of season until June 2013.
  • Radish Flowers and Radish Tadpoles - are now finished.
  • Lemon Verbena - difficult supply period; however we may have some available on special request.  Please do ask.


Westlands Taste of the Sea Collection:

  • Sea Aster - is now finished until the new crop in Spring 2013.
  • Sea Beet - has started and we have good volumes.
  • Okahijiki - finished until the new crop in Spring 2013.
  • Sea Purslane and Ice Lettuce - this is a difficult supply period for both; however they may be available on special request.  Please do ask.
If you are unsure on availabilities of any Westlands products, please do ask your usual supplier or feel free to Tweet us @WestlandsWow.

We have also created a handy Menu Planner Guide for you to download and share with your teams.

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