Friday, 28 December 2012

Westlands Up Close - Winter UK Grown Amaranth

As we wrote in our two previous blogs, Westlands Seasonal Update - Amaranth and Westlands Amaranth Update, traditionally it has been difficult to grow and manage the supply of this popular Micro Leaf during the winter months here in the UK.  Usually the season is typified by a lack of consistency in the product in the run up to Christmas and the New Year, two important times for Chefs and Caterers.

Remember these two pictures:

Amaranth Pic 1

Pic 1, showing the usual size of Amaranth, and Pic 2, showing the size of Amaranth (the same amount of growing time) in winter.
Amaranth Pic 2

Westlands invest to improve quality and availabilities, and using the feedback we have received over the past few seasons, the team set about trying to improve the supply situation of Amaranth grown here in the UK.

This has resulted, for the first time, in a solid and consistent supply of Westlands UK grown Amaranth over the Christmas period and now into the New Year.

Without the feedback from Chefs, Caterers and our Distribution network we would not have been able to produce the results we have.

In these pictures you will see the results of the additional investments we have made:

  • Additional Benches of Amaranth sown, more so than any other year.
  • New methods utilised to grow the crop.
  • Increasing the sowing area of Amaranth by adding additional bays.
Pic 1 - Amaranth now

Pic 1, is a close up of the Amaranth crop, as it is now.  Pic 2, shows just some of the benches and one of the Westlands Amaranth bays.

Pic 2 - Amaranth benches

We have other important developments happening during 2013, these will enable us to provide an increased consistency to our supplies, please do look out for our updates.

The Team at Westlands would like to wish all of our customers and suppliers a very Happy New Year!

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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Seasonal Update - 17th Dec 2012

In order to keep you up-to-date the team at Westlands are issuing this seasonal update as an forecast of availability for the next few days.  We hope this will be helpful to you and your teams in your planning.

Westlands Pea Shoots


As of Monday 17th December Harvest:

    • We expect to have Supplies of the following Micro Leaf Collection:
      • Red Vein Sorrel.
      • Red Perilla.
      • Coriander.
      • Red Amaranth.
      • Celery.
      • Salad Fennel.
      • Ruby Chard.



      All products in the Westlands Micro Leaf Collection should be available as per normal, however, restrictions may apply.


          Westlands Alaskan Nasturtium Leaf

          Westlands Sea Rosemary

            If you are unsure on availabilities or any Westlands products, please do ask your usual supplier or feel free to Tweet us @WestlandsWow or @Simon_Westlands.  We are keeping our Distribution Partners informed on a continual basis of what is and isn't available.  Thank you, the Team at Westlands.