Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Westland Nurseries (Westlands) has got many reasons to look forward to 2013.  This includes the positive results of the investments made during October and November 2012, a revamped website and attending a number of important food service and Chef facing events.

After a successful summer during which Westlands grew more products and introduced a number of new collections, such as:

Westlands Heritage - a collection of heirloom tomatoes, which saw Westlands grow a range of UK tomatoes numbering over 30 different types.

Westlands Taste of the Sea - a collection of Sea Vegetables and flowers, from "traditional" samphire to salty fingers and okahijiki.

Westlands Inspired - a collection of more unique and unusual products including edible flowers, popcorn shoots and bronze fennel.

The Westlands investment package has enabled us to ensure a consistency in our winter range of Micro Leaf products, which has not been achieved before.  Westlands undertook a number of "product surgeries" with our Chef clients to understand the key ingredients that they needed during the busy Christmas and New Year period.

    Amaranth is one of those ingredients, in the past supplies have been patchy because during winter the plant slows down.  Westlands bucked this trend and was able to deliver a consistency not seen before, to our customer base, during the key weeks prior to Christmas and the New Year.

    As well as being invited to attend a number of prestigious events, Westlands are delighted to again be involved with some very popular TV programmes this year and contributing products to those Chefs taking part.

    We also intend on increasing the number of visits to our facilities and will be on the lookout, as ever, for interesting and innovative products to grow.  So please do let us know of any products you would like to see more of.

    For the first time Westlands will be hosting two of our own events, one in the summer "Westlands Summer Season Fete" and the other in the autumn "Westlands Harvest Festival".

    These events are about sharing and celebrating seasonal fresh produce, so please do look out for more details and your special invitation.

    Along with our continued focus on growing unique and innovative fresh produce Westlands will be revamping its website, continue with social media and look for opportunities to engage even more deeply with Chefs, the Food Service Industry and our customers.  Look out for our weekly #WoW of the Week and our #PoW of the week, as chosen by our grower team.

    We wish you all a very prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year for 2013, from all of the team at Westlands.

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