Thursday, 23 August 2012

Westlands Inspired by Seasons

We, like many other Growers of fresh produce, experience all sorts of challenges in the growing year, but in particular trying to predict when one season comes to a close and when another is about to start is one of the toughest.  The other constant, in a fresh produce growers life, is the delight and obsessive weather watching, and how it will affect our different types of crops.

Certainly the relatively mild winter of last year coupled with the unseasonably warm March, the combination of almost constant rain, warm to hot weather this summer has increased humidity levels. The effect has meant that some wild crops, like traditional Blackberries for example, have produced less fruit and the fruit has ripened earlier than usual (in the case of Blackberries some 1-2 months early).

As many of you know a lot of the innovative fresh produce that the growing team at Westlands grow is trail work, that combined with the unpredictability of the British weather means that sometimes, just sometimes, the results we expect don't always materialise.

Thankfully, with the skill of not only the growing and operations team but the variety and depth of ranges that we grow, Westlands are able to recommend alternative items from our collections via our knowledgeable and experienced technical and marketing team.

Unless there is a dramatic change in the weather we will bidding a fond farewell, in the next week or so, to one of our Inspired products, the delightful Westlands Butterfly Sorrel Flowers.  Don't worry they are a firm favourite in our Westlands Inspired collection and will reappear around May/June time 2013 (weather dependent of course).

Westlands Inspired - Butterfly Sorrel Flowers

What we would really like to know, just before Butterfly Sorrel Flowers take a bow and we say our goodbyes, is how have you used Westlands Butterfly Sorrel Flowers?  Please do share any photo's and recipes on Facebook WestlandsWow or Tweet us @WestlandsWow

We can't wait to see this growing next year:

Westlands Inspired - Butterfly Sorrel Flowers, growing

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Heritage Toms & TeamWoW

It was cause for celebration last week at TeamWoW and a few of us within the team were talking about the amazing feeling of achieving our BRC (British Retail Consortium) A* accreditation at our first attempt.  It got me wondering what was the key to the wonderful loyalty, including that of the customers, and team that work within the Westlands business.

The answer swiftly came, when I was asked to thank the team by trying to convey the heartfelt thanks of the "boss" to them.  I was asked to share that the WoW of Westlands is the amazing team that work for the went something like this "you know that the WoW in Westlands isn't for the unique and innovative products we grow Carol, but for the loyal and hard-working team of people that deliver day-in-day out...".

One of the Soil grown vines

Well enough with the congratulations, as this week TeamWoW are back into the realities of growing fresh produce with a bit of a bump.  The bump being our bumper wonderful second crop of Great British Soil grown Heritage Tomatoes that have come beautifully on and are ready to be picked and sent out to our customers.  We are so fortunate, that the "boss" has put in 25+ varieties, so you only get the best that are ready to be picked on the day in your 3kg Westlands Heritage box.

The WestlandsWow Great British soil grown Heritage range of tomatoes is NOW available in a Mixed 3kg box from selected Westlands distributors.

So in honour of both our Heritage Tomatoes and the fab TeamWoW - the "boss" wants to say a big thank you not only for the extra special but also for the everyday...

Gold | Gold | Gold

Please do Tweet us and say hello @WestlandsWow or if you prefer, become friends with TeamWow on our Facebook page you might see some of us in action!

How do you use yours?  Please feel free to upload any images, recipes or uses to these sites.  All feedback is welcome as it helps us develop the products we grow based upon what our customers want to see.